Excellent, Guided Tour. Highly Recommended

Best organised tour. Seamless across all locations.

Guides were very professional. Transport arrangements were excellent. Hotels were very good

What inspires us was the seamless hand off from one tour guide to the other between locations. On an overnight trip between Cappadocia and pammakule we were de-boarded on a roadside. Within 5 minutes at 5am there was a shuttle to pick us up. Amazing coordination

Lunch was open buffet everywhere and pretty standard stuff. Drinks extra.

Stay at Cappadocia – holiday cave hotel and at kusadasi – Derici was very good

What would have been better? We would have preferred a flight from Cappadocia to pammakule rather than an overnight bus.

After the tour was over at Cappadocia at 5pm we were left to stand in cold till the bus started at 8 pm. The bus company refused to let us sit at the office. Luckily found a guest house which we could rent for a few hours. This wouldn’t be a problem in summer but it was freezing cold in December

I’d suggest you pay the balance before starting the trip as there is a 4% charge for using any type of card and not sure if anyone would carry that much cash. The agent was understanding and allowed us to use a debit card without fees.

Pick up and drop off at Istanbul was perfect. One nation was available in WhatsApp for any queries.

Ben Kitty

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